Envirobatt products for a better world

Envirobatt products for a better world

Envirobatt is based out of Perth, Western Australia and owns patented technology that converts a combination of domestic and commercial waste materials and common fiber into the most environmentally friendly batts and blankets produced anywhere in the world.

The company’s products have applications in home and commercial thermal and acoustic insulation as well as in the oil clean-up and recovery industries. The company is seeking investor funds to set-up its first ever commercial scale plant in Perth, Western Australia.

        Key Technology Features

        - Unique and Patented Technology

        - Outstanding Thermal Insulation Properties

        - Best-in-Class Acoustic Insulation Properties

        - Excellent Oil Absorption Properties

        - 100% Organic Product Composition

        - Does not use any toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process

        - Huge Carbon Credits and/ or Off-set Potential